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Entertainment Networking App tap. Helps Directors Launch New Films

Entertainment Networking App tap. Helps Directors Launch New Films

by Beka Ashley and Jack Spyra

Directors seeking to launch a new film have their work cut out for them - from finding talent, financing, securing locations, and film promotion. tap., a networking app for entertainment professionals, alleviates these challenges as a one-stop shop for filmmakers to get the people, money, and location in one place. The mobile app boasts as the single source to find anyone and everything in entertainment.

Matt Reeves, the film director best known for the Batman and Planet of the Apes franchises, understands directors' struggles. “If you want to be a filmmaker,” he told Filmschool Rejects, “you need to find a story that you have to tell…and tell it any way you can.” 

tap. Helps Directors Bring Stories to Life

In the film industry, directors face considerable challenges making it tough to bring stories to life. tap. offers a solution where industry professionals and those in entertainment can network, promote themselves, find work, book each other, and get paid – all in one app. 

George Miller, the filmmaker known for Three Thousand Years of Longing and Mad Max: Fury Road, discusses the challenges behind every new film. He told Chris Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter, “Each film is like playing an NBA basketball game. You have to be prepared for every surprise. You don’t know where the ball is going to bounce or when the defense is going to attack. You have to avoid injury and constantly have to adjust and remain agile to win the game.”

tap. Offers Film Promotion Opportunities For Directors

The Access Feed, tap.’s central hub for everything new in the industry, helps directors gain recognition from the people who matter the most. For traction, directors can post new deals, productions, casting calls, events, and film promotional info. Interested talent or studio executives can view the director’s Media 360 Profile from the Access Feed. They can talk directly with the director through the app’s secure messaging thread feature, the Deal Message Thread.

Reed Morano, Emmy and Directors Guild Award winner known for The Handmaid's Tale, talks about the importance of directors having a wide breadth of contacts. She shared with Music Bed that the secret to success is “taking every experience that comes your way in the beginning….beggars can’t be choosers. The most important thing is expanding your contacts and building your reel…be easy to work with, easy to get along with; be proactive; and be somebody people want to be around. Skill is almost second to the kind of person you are. The skill will come and will improve with each job.”

Filmmakers, including screenwriters, photographers, and composers, can build a rich network of contacts through tap. to make their moviemaking dreams come true even faster.

tap. Helps Directors Put New Films In Front of Viewers

Denis Villeneuve, director, and filmmaker of the critically acclaimed film Dune, shared with Vanity Fair how word of mouth helped to expand his film’s success. Dune was originally going to be shown solely in theaters, but at the last minute was announced that HBO Max would debut it simultaneously. 

“I appreciate streaming because it allows us to revisit films that we loved or to go back in film history. It’s fantastic for archives. But movies dreamed and made for the big screen must be born on the big screen. Cinema is an art form that needs an audience,” Villeneuve wrote. 

However, all hope wasn’t lost for Villeneuve: “It’s still difficult for me to process that Dune was released on TV at the same time that it debuted in theaters. We still did good numbers theatrically, but what saved us was that the word of mouth was strong, and people were tired of being at home. We are not meant to be isolated; we are meant to be together.”

tap.’s extensive entertainment network acts as virtual word-of-mouth for films like Dune – expanding the reach of a film’s production.

tap.’s Features Protect Directors and Filmmakers

tap.’s direct messaging platform, the Deal Message Thread, offers a secure location to discuss and negotiate contracts, payment details, and logistics. Both parties can even sign contracts securely on the app, which remains organized and easily accessible.

Having these features in one place will make the filmmaker's life easier and more streamlined and protect their time, assets, and production.

tap. is available for download now on the App Store and Google Play


About Beka Ashley: 

Beka is tap.’s Senior Communications Editorial Assistant. She manages the growing publication strategy for tap., including writing for the website’s blog and editing other interns’ current industry research. In addition to this role, she works as a freelance writer and critical care nurse. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or see more of what she’s written here.

About Jack Spyra

Jack is an aspiring screenplay writer, film director, and actor. He is currently attending Ohio University, where he studies media arts. One day, he hopes to make films that inspire people to make the world a better place. He is a research assistant advising tap. about film directors and their role in the entertainment industry. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.